Good first date, but I saw he revised his online dating profile.

I started talking to a guy online last week. We exchanged about a message a day, which were relatively long. He asked if I would be interested in meeting up, and I said, yes. We exchanged numbers on Friday and then met for a couple drinks on Saturday afternoon. Well, he overslept, so he mostly got coffee and something to eat. He paid for my drinks. (I had 2 and wasn't hungry).

We talked for 2.5 hours. We both laughed a lot. I sat across from him and was leaning in slightly. He apologized a few times for things, e.g., for not dressing more casually -- he threw on his work clothes (business casual wear) as he was running late. And then he had to go because he had to do some work from home. I had to study.

I thanked him for the drinks and he said, "No. Thank you!". I told him I had a good time and I liked talking to him. And to keep in touch. He went to give me a hug, which I gave back slightly as I'm kind of shy. He went to kiss me on the cheek, but it surprised me. He said sorry, but that it is what he is used to in his country (he's from Europe). I said, Nooo, and then rubbed his elbow arm. And he joked that I was standoffish like the British.

He walked me to my car. It both took us 15 min to get home and he immediately texted me, asking if I got home OK, and joking if I was tipsy. I joked back and then told him I was taking a nap, lol. (We had mentioned we like to sleep, nap during our date). The next day (Sunday) I texted him asking him if he got any work done. He kept the conversation going and used lots of emoticons and some "!"s. I was busy studying that day (which he knew), so I only responded every 2-3 hours, which he did the same. One of the last texts before bed was me joking that between 18-21 I was attracted to guys not suited to me (i.e., the opposite of me). Then 20 min later, I said, "Btw, that was just a joke. I wasn't digging for sympathy". He replied, "Bahahah, sleep tight!". And I said the same.

Monday and so far today, I have heard nothing from him. I checked the online dating site, without logging in, and I saw that he added a picture to his profile! And changed his headline! WTH.

I was thinking of texting him again, but I hate chasing guys! He had seemed quite forward in setting up the 1st date w/o even having met me. Could he have changed his mind about me so quickly in a matter of days?


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  • Well, it sounds like he was interested. Him asking if you got home OK is a sign of that, at least in my eyes.

    Why don't you just text him and say hi? That doesn't seem like you're "chasing"'s OK for women to show interest and spark up conversations too.


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  • well technically you guys are not dating - or exclusive. I know that has happened to me before, and I freak out. So you had a great date-text him (that is if you want to go back out with him). Until you establish what's going on you can alter your profile just like he can. Texting to me is not chasing a man. Show the interest. But for now don't worry.

  • I would keep it in my head since you met on an online dating site that he probably will be and is dating other people.

    even though he had a great date with you doesn't mean he isn't going to play the field.Thats the trouble with online dating. I never had any long term luck with it.

    What did he change on his profile? Just a pic or description of what he is looking for?

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