Is this normal because it's not the first time-he acts weird after we get close.

So I have a guy friend and we ended up saying that we're friends with benefits about a month ago. We don't have sex just other things. Anyways, after the first time we hungout and hooked up, he became all distant and didn't text me for a couple days then like 4 days later he was normal again. if anything he was more flirty. I realized We basically broke our friends with benefits thing when we hungout this weekend and I slept over. we were drinking and he told me he's not talking to anyone else and I didn't even know he considered us talking. he said a lot of things like I like you and stuff but I'm not sure if its just the alcohol talking. anyways it was a perfect day and we were really cute but now he's not texting me again but were fine in person. is whatever we had done or might he just pull away and come back


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  • I think he's afraid of being in a relationship. He seems to like you, but he doesn't want to get close to you because he's afraid of his feelings.


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