We've been texting but I stopped, will he make the move and get back to me?

I have been talking to this guy for two weeks now at least. We talked to each other daily, maybe skipped one day but it's never been more than that. I'm usually the one that sends the first text, but he did call me a few times too. Last time we talked was this past Sunday. I stopped texting him cause I wanted to see if he would make the effort first for once. I really like him but it's been two days now. Is this silly for me to do? Will he eventually get back to me? It's killing me inside, I feel this ache. I want to reach out to him, to hear his voice, anything, I just want to talk to him.


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  • Be strong, if he is interested he will txt or call you. You txting him everyday he could think you are clingy, or he could think is annoying. Let him get back to you


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