Did she most likely purposely stop texting me or fall asleep?

I was texting this girl I might date at my college, who I am actually getting lunch with again tomorrow. At 10:48 she didn't text back. She is naturally a short texter by the way. That's how she does it.

She asked me what I wanted in a girl and I told her and it was kind of similar to what she had said.

Her: Yea same

Me: How did that test go from last week?

Her: B I was happy

Me: Haha nice I actually got an A on my Gphil test

Her: Nice haha

Me: I didn't fare quite as well on the psych test though haha

10:48. She coincidentally had a timestamp on Facebook that she had gotten off of Facebook at exactly 10:48, so is it probably something out of my control, or did she stop texting me? She has never stopped texting me before, and she actually texts me first a lot.


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  • She probably fell asleep. Honestly though, if I were the girl, I probably wouldn't text back even if I didn't fall asleep. Unless she had another topic to bring up, the conversations can't go on forever and that was pretty late so maybe she just wanted to wait till the next day to continue talking.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it as it's not like she didn't reply to a question, there was simply a lull in the conversation which is inevitable.

    • Yeah, I texted her implying I would see her tomorrow, but she wanted to keep talking to me.

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    • oh okay yea that's a good sign. it sounds like she's into you, so either she actually fell asleep or the conversation simply reached it's end. Wouldn't worry too much. :)

    • ok thanks!

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  • probably fell asleep, its happened to me and to some of my friends lol use to argue about why we stopped texting and we blame sleep lol

  • Really sounds like she fell asleep, personally I try to tell people when I am about to pass out before going to bed.

  • I think she probably fell asleep. I wouldn't worry too much about it.


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