I feel lost and confused?

Another Valentine's day is coming up and once again I'm dateless. When I go out I have women and girls giving me either dirty looks, or they don't look at me at all. I'm dressed normal, I act normal so what gives? Could I really be as ugly I've always thought? I've been called ugly from my younger sisters friends when they were both 10 years old to grown women. I couldn't get a woman to date me if I had a gun to my head and the only way I was gonna live, was if she said yes. I don't drive or have a drivers license due to a disability, and I can't tell women or girls that after all no car= No girlfriend. I've even tried online dating but always used a fake Profile Pic or no pic because if I used mines I wouldn't get any responses. I believe confidence only works for the good looking guys because their good looking so women go to them more. Us average, below average and ugly guys don't have that option unless we have something to offer which is very little.

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  • Hey cheer up. Looks isn't everything because if you have a beautiful personality then girls will like you too and just because you don't own a car doesn't mean you can't get a girl..you just can't get gold diggers and who the f needs them?haha. Online dating is a good idea, but you really should upload YOUR pic.

    • I'm never gonna upload my pic even if I was threaten with violence why should I? When the responses are the same.

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    • ooo now I know who you are, but in your pic I couldn't see the whole face.

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