I went for her cheek, but I think she wanted the lips?

Make this short and sweet. Third date. Brought her flowers. Turned out I got her favorite kind and color! :) We were going to go bowling but she was super tired and had to finish a project due at work in the morning so asked if we could do dinner and make it early night. Walking in I tried to take her hand, but I think she thought we bumped arms or something. :( When I brought her home I walked her to the door of her building, and went in for a hug with plans to plant a kiss on her cheek. As I kissed her cheek, she turned her head slightly and I think she was going to actually kiss me but I blew it. IDK.

Thoughts? is this bad, or just normal awkwardness?


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  • What I am wondering now, did you end up "blowing her A kiss," because this sounds as though no one got a smooch in the ol' kisser. It obviously wasn't a "tongue and cheek" moment, because you would have wrote here that everything went beautifully.

    Okay, I am assuming it was awkward. Maybe you're not sure if she and you are going to hook up again, let alone get in one more kiss for the road. What ever "bad" Did happen, and I see no writing on the wall here, text her if you haven't already, and see where you now stand for another date with One more chance----Not to blow it.:))xx

    • I kissed her on the cheek. So you think if we go on fourth date, make sure I really kiss her? It's hard to get close to her. For example, I tried again to take her hand but she has a tendency to hold her scarf with her hands, so they aren't at her side to take. IDK, I'm a rookie at all this anyway.

    • Okay, good move. Cheek kiss. Smart move. And she didn't have a problem with This. No, nothing more than the peck on the cheek 4th date. If you try go faster, she may clam up and then end up giving you the "evil eye." She is Not allowing you right Now to get real close. She likes you, but wants to take things in 3d gear. Don't rush her. When the weather warms, and she ditches the scarf, take her hand. By then, she should be OK. You're doing fine...You're on your way to a 4th date...xx

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  • I think it is cute you are being respectful and obvious you just like her and don't want to mess anything up so I'm sure she's not upset but I would say on the next date (#4) you definitely definitely need to kiss her goodnight. Not because she will get mad, but because I think you may be unintentionally confusing her. For me at least if a guy I like, and I think likes me, hasn't kissed me but the 3rd date I begin to wonder if they really do like me, if they think I'm attractive, blah blah blah. Girls have a ton of insecurities, just kiss her already so she can stop wondering why you haven't.

    • What she said!

    • I called her last night when she would have been home from work. For the first time she didn't answer. left a voicemail that I hope things were good and I'd like to take her out again so she should call me. As of 2 PM today, no reply. I'm thinking don't call again right?

  • Id say normal awkwardness. If you haven't kissed yet, she might have been trying to kiss you on the lips. I don't think you blew it. She agreed on a third date, so she obviously likes you enough to keep going on dates. Call again and make another date and see what happens.

  • It's too late now nigga


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  • woman usually aren't upset when you make a bold move. they get upset when you don't make the bold move.

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