Am I coming off as too clingy?

So, the first week (maybe around Jan 14) after he gave me my number he texted me maybe 5 days that week. Then after that I texted him 3 single texts saying "Hey" that week after and he only responded to the 3rd text I sent after 5 days. Now he only responds maybe once a week. It' really confusing since when he does text me he flirts with me .

It has been twice where I have waited over a week to send him for him to text first . I got nothing, he only responded when I texted again first. We last spoke around Feb. 7 and I have texted him separate times since Saturday...and nothing. Also, he never says bye or ttyl... he just stops, in mid conversation.

I gave him a chance but, I think I'm done. He mentioned wanting to take me out , he flirts with me but I'm the only one trying actually . I don't know what I did wrong. When we do talk we have great conversations.

To make a long story short I'm getting very mixed signals, sorry if what I typed confuses you.


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  • It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, it sounds like he's just not putting in an equal amount of effort. I think you should stop texting him. If he wants to talk to you then he will. If not, then he won't. Don't waste your time and energy on him.


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  • sounds like you are both putting in about an equal amount of effort, just not enough for it to go anywhere.


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