When do you ask for a second date?

So I just went on an amazing date last night with a guy I've known for some time now. During the date he would bring up stuff he wanted to do together (like go to this other restaurant in town) and then he texted me he got home telling me how good of a time he had and wanted to see me soon.

I don't mind asking to hang out but I don't know when I should, I was thinking of asking if he wanted to come over and watch a movie with me, but I didn't know if it'd be too soon. I didn't want to ask him on Friday since that's Valentine's. So when should I ask him?


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  • Too soon is always better than too late! Go ahead and ask him now, Valentine's Day or no. Obviously, or at least hopefully, he's free that day, right?


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  • Being things went so well last nite, why push the matter by jeopardizing what seems so picture perfect right now?

    Although I realize you are an eager beaver and want to see him again and----real soon----it might look pushy, and you don't want that. Men love a challenge, and apparently last nite, you proved to have played your cards well enough for him to have even text you "how good a time he had."

    You never said whether or not you had sent one back with your ready response, but even so, go ahead and just casually message him a "hi, how are you?" By you doing this, even if you haven't heard Hyde or hair of him today, will give him an idea you are thinking of him. Give Him a chance to reciprocate. And it may even get his attention for Friday nite, which you know is---Valentine's Day.xx

    • Yea, normally I'm not so into trying to hang out so much, but I don't know what it is about him lol. We texted for a while last night after our date and he brought up hanging out again then too, so I thought it wouldn't be such a bad idea to see if he wanted to like casually hang out tonight. We've been texting today too so I thought I would just work into the conversation. He said he was working tonight but would have loved to hang out with me if he were off.

    • Oh, great, problems solved...wishing you the best..xx

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