Is it a good idea to text a girl I like on Valentine's Day?

So I'm quite fond of this girl who lives in the same dorm as I.

I've talked to her several times but I only went out with her once.

I really wanna hang out with her some more and have fun etc.

However she isn't here yet but will come next week.

I'm quite sure she likes me as well, so would it be a good idea if I texted her something nice on Valentine's Day for her to know I'm thinking of her?

I was thinking of something like "If you were here, V-Day wouldn't be half as bad".

I'm asking this because I don't wanna come on too strong or creep her out.


Any thoughts?


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  • Valentine's Day just isn't for lovers, it's for special people in our lives, whether they are a parent or even a friend. I will just run a few by you, being she and you Have hung once, and may seem to like one another..You decide, although yours is cute, thought something a bit "not too personal," but more of a zing..

    Happy Valentine's Day..Wish you were here..

    If you were here, Valentine's Day would be better, my dear..Have a great day

    Looking forward to hanging next weekend..Happy Valentine's Day.

    *Don't forget to add her name...And BTW..Happy Valentines Day, my friend(That was from me)


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  • That's cute I think she would appreciate that. And then your also hinting to her your into her. Definitely go for it.

  • definitely text her!

    she'll be happy you sent it even if she isn't interested!


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  • I wouldn't use it as an opener (use it in the middle of your conversation) and just have a normal conversation as if you're just trying to know how its coming along. Then again you can say instead just ask "We should hang out sometime" Valentines day can't be the day though because she'll immediately think its a date.

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