Girl said OK to hang out later, when do I text?

She is busy until this evening but said she wanted to hang up after. Said she would text me when she's finished.

I just wait for her text right? No need to text before? Or should I say what's up or something while she is still with her friends? This would be our first date


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  • wait for her to contact you... however, you may not like the feeling you get if she never reaches out to you.. then again, if she doesn't then those actions speak loud enough..

    bottom line.. she said she would see you later and so she knows its HER responsibility to contact you.. and if she doesn't contact you and then does so at a later date trying to make new plans then you should tell her that you don't consider her reliable.. she may say that you never contacted you either but that's just her defense.. I always think if someone says they will see you then they should check in to confirm.

    • I hear ya. She texted happy Valentine's already this morning, we have been texting non stop for a week into the late night. I really hope she texts me later! If not, so annoying. So if she doesn't text, what then?

    • I'd still wait to hear from her..

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  • Do you usually text first? That's always a relationship dynamic to look at; if you're usually quick on the ball and one to initiate, don't be surprised if it's expected that you reach out on starting plans too- just do what feels natural to you

    • i just went for it an texted her. Figured no reason to play games she texts me all the time, 100 times a day, simply to say what's up. So, can't hurt to text her now.