Why would he date me when he has feelings for another girl?

My boyfriend made out with his friend who he was messing around with before we started dating. I don't know how strong his feelings are for her but I would imagine he feels something for her since they're close friends.

Why would he start a relationship with me if he had a thing for someone else?


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  • Maybe he just wanted to make out with her & get laid & that was it. If he's with you right now than that means he chose you 'cause if she made out with him that means she didn't friendzone him therefore he has no reason to be hung up on her or use you to get her jealous so I think that you're over thinking this. He chose you so you won. (:

    • I'd like to think he chose me but we were on a "break" and he was with her and then shortly after he made out with her, we broke up..

    • Oh! Well that's a different story all together so dump his ass & go find you a Man who knows how to treat a Woman right! (:

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  • I think your main priority should be to move on.

    Clearly this guy has no respect for you, if he thinks it's acceptable to mess around with other girls while being with you.

    You shouldn't have to settle for someone, who uses you as a rebound and toys with your emotions. Dump his sorry ass and find someone, who's not a selfish prick.

  • Sorry to say this, but you should probably end it. It sounds like he's using you to either forget about her or just to have someone around.

  • Because

    1) trying to make her jealous

    2) trying to get over her

    3) filling in the void of not having her

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