Should I had kissed him? Valentine's day and I spent the whole day with my crush.he told one of his friends that he wanted me to talk to him I did...then I asked him why he could talk first and he said he was scared and he doesn't know why. we talk after that and stay in close contact with each other...his hands wrapped around my neck and it was amazing...but at the end...he pulled me closer to him gently and leaned in ...he wanted to kiss me...I was so freakin I said no (I really wanted to do it but I was scared...I didn't know how...this was going to be my first)..he then said seriously and tried to kiss me again...n I didn' I'm home and regretting...should I have kissed him?... what can I do right next time?...I told him sorry afterward but it was still a little awkward...HELP! what can I do better with a situation like that next time?


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  • Yes you should have kissed him. That's obvious because now you're sitting around with regret and feeling like a dope. Next time just melt in his arms and be ready to take whatever comes. You won't regret it.

    It won't matter if your first kiss isn't perfect (I don't know what that would look like anyway). It's still your first kiss.


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