Very open and friendly when texting only?

So this guy I am interested in pretty much ignores me in person. However he texts all the time. He's very open and friendly. He's told told me he is interested, but when I showed my interest he backed off, yet still contacts me constantly. I know he has been burned really badly in the past by his ex wife and so I am giving him space and let him vent. But still confused by his behavior.


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  • His behavior looks pretty normal of someone who is afraid to open up. Mind you I am/was like that plenty of times. It's much easier to text someone your feelings than to say it, and when I say much easier, I mean MUCH easier. You might have to do more than show interest with this kind of guy, you may have to take a strong initiative. If you show interest, he backs off, but still texts you constantly, that shows me he may like you more than a friend as well. Be brave and go for it.

    • Well I flat out told him I was interested and he keeps telling me a million reasons it would never work. And talking about other women as well. And how he has no luck with women. Like I said I let him vent since it ALWAYS comes back to his trust issues. And his excuses are rather pathetic. Thankfully I am understanding, it's just perplexing to deal with such hot and cold behavior constantly.

    • Understanding or just learning to deal with it? I don't really understand that behavior, so I am not totally sure how you are. He shouldn't be complaining to a girl about relationship problems, and about you not "having any luck", that's first off. Add the fact that it's a girl that's in to me him triples that mistake. Then take it ANOTHER step further and it's a girl that told him she's into him, and to still make that remark, well to be frank he's an idiot.

    • That's disrespectful to you. Him saying he has bad luck with women while you say you are into him is a slap in the face, because that's saying you aren't good enough for his "luck" to have changed. I'd drop this guy, nothing good looks like it's coming out of this one.

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