Did I do the right thing turning him down?

me and a guy have been talking online for over a year, he initially asked me out but after him telling me he gets bored easy and that his longest relationship was 8 weeks I friend zoned him. Since then we've been cool, chatting as mates, he's always there if I need advise. Lately he's been really low cos he is in love with a friend but she has a boyfriend, she says she is into him to but she can't leave her boyfriend. So I've been there for him giving him advise, then Valentine's day he asked me out, I said yes only as mates though, at first but the only way I could meet him at the time he suggested (as we both work til late) is if I sleep at his house, in his area. After thinking about it, I turned him down, because he's told me before that he's slept with girls to get over a girl he's into and it ends up rubbish and ruining the friendship. I wouldn't have slept with him but I felt like he was asking me to try and take his mind off her and was probably expecting at least a kiss as it was Valentine's day. Plus the fact I feel I like him as more than a friend, both his personality and his looks are spot on, I felt like if I met him I would then like him ore and it wouldn't be fair on me, I would end up getting hurt. Only now I've cancelled he isn't talking to me. Did I do the right thing?


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  • Sounds like you did the right thing. He told you his entire game plan. Its best to listen to someone if they are going to explain what they're going to do to you every step of the way.

    He said he gets bored easily.

    He said his longest relationship was 8 weeks.

    He said he uses girls for sex to get over other girls that turn him down. And after they have sex he practically dumps the friend he used to get over a girl that rejected him.

    He then invites you to spend the night at his house.

    Doesn't sound like a prize. Sounds like you've actually dodged a bullet.

    You either would have ended up as his 8 week girlfriend, or as the girl he had sex with to get over the girl that rejected him. That guy sounds like a HOT MESS.


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  • His not talking to you is his problem, not yours. You believed your gut instincts and did the right thing.

  • Everything you said here makes perfect sense, and your reasons very justifiable.


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