Would giving him space be a good idea? Help

Pretty much the guy I like and been talking to hasn't been treating me the same lately. He says he likes me too, but lately I'm having a hard time believing him. He's pretty much doing this and it's bothering me not texting first anymore, ignoring me, being vague, and just being distant :/

I'm not being over the top with text messages we usually talk everyday so, I text usually twice and if nothing I won't text back. Yesterday he hardly said anything to me. And I just hate the feeling of being ignored -_- I didn't do anything wrong.

I want to ask what's wrong but I don't wanna keep on texting him since he didn't really text back yesterday . And he's probably already annoyed with me since I texted him a few times yesterday. I wanna give him space, but I don't want him to think I'm not interested anymore :/

Don't tell me to move on cause I want to really try and work on things with him.


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  • Just give him space. That's the only way you'll really learn what he wants to do (stay with you, leave, etc.). If you give him space he usually won't think that you're not interested...NOT giving him space is way worse than giving him space, TRUST me.

    But the safest bet is that he just isn't interested in you anymore. Either he came across other girls or just lost interest. I'm not saying you have to move on, but it's pretty clear that right now his interest ain't what it used to be.

    • For how many days?

    • Ummmm...maybe a week or so. lIt depends how much you usually see him. But I think a week is pretty good. If he doesn't say anything then maybe he really doesn't have the same interested as before. But sometimes guys get busy, etc, etc,. But it honestly sounds like he moved on =/

  • He's not interested in you. He's being distant and ignoring you because he wants you to go away. I know you don't want to hear it, but you need to move on. Your constant texting is making things even worse.


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