Is it just me or is it really not working out..?

So I've had this friend who I really liked for 4-ish years.. and we sort of started going out 3 weeks ago.. but it's still awkward. And... I keep thinking about this other guys who I really really liked..and might still like. There are other guys too who I know like me.. but they don't know I have a boyfriend and I just haven't been able to tell them.. I sort of feel like a dirty little whore even though I haven't actually done anything with anyone else... but I want to. The guy that I'm dating still feel like more of a friends to me, and I just don't know if I like him that way. All my friends keep telling me to stick it out that I liked him before so maybe its just a phase? ... UGH I just don't know.. any advice? I'd really appreciate it..


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  • You're not a dirty little whre because you no longer have feelings for your current man and want to break up? LOL.. why would you think that?

    The best thing to do is explain to your boyfriend that you're not into him anymore and you'd both be better off as friends.

    Also, tell that one guy you really really like (hehe :p) that you really really like him, and tell the other guys who might like you that you're not interested in more than friendship with them. That should take care of your problem.


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  • say it to him and move on..if you are not feeling it then why suffer? you are doing this for yourself not for anyone else. they are not gonna be marrying and having kids with him the way they tell u to stick it out! be upfront and honest and drop him!

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