Why did this girl not tell me to stop if she did not want the kiss?

this girl has been flirting with me in the gym she laughed giggled and smile at me a lot but when it was her birthday I gave her 2 birthday kisses and chocolate and a card one of her gym staff caught me kissing her on her cheek then I said I apologize she keep saying its OK its OK then I e-mail her to see if she is OK she has not replied to me for a week her gym staff member e-mail me and said she will talk to me when she is ready I miss her how do I get her back she was always happy to see me and flirted with me a lot I felt like I had a great chemistry with this girl and we talked alot! why did she not tell the truth and say she was uncomfortable with she smiled when I gave her a birthday kiss and said its ok


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  • It's hard to say. She couldn't have been completely offended or turned off by it by her reaction. But she may have felt conflicted about it after she thought about it for one reason or another. I don't think there is much you can do for now but wait. At least she passed word to you that she is thinking about you. Give it time and see what she has to say.

    • she had a crush on me?

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    • thinking about me in which way?

    • You can't really know until she tells you. I would merely be guessing if I suggested something.