Why would an older guy turn down sex from a younger girl?

There is this guy. He is 50 and I am 34 and yes he is single.

I gave him my number he texts me back. He gets a bit flirty also. He mentions though that if anything were to happen with us it will only be sexual.

I don't mind this and tell him I have the same intention he does.

I invited him out for a drink last night.

He responded with how he has his son full time, works as well, when he does not have him.

Surprised he did not even try to work around that. He just kind of gave up.

Feeling a bit bummed about it and just wonder why he even bothered to text me in the first place if he was not up for anything.

During these texts he tells me that I should meet someone nice as well, I think that was to remind me that he was not looking for something serious?

I replied to that I hope so as well. But in the mean time the offer is still there.

Then the texts continued as he explained his situation to me.

Forgot to mention that!


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  • Mlle.,

    In my opinion, he was being the "distant" type, to try to convey that he isn't serious... men can play "hard to get" as well, you realize.

    At the end of the day, at 34, you shouldn't be chasing a guy like this... why not pick some nice guy who truly wants to be with you, will respond to you, and, Mademoiselle ~ will want more than just a roll-around in the hay.

    A gentleman desires more than this from a Lady, a gentleman will desire your company.

    Chivalry is not dead, at least not yet.


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  • First of all, you're not a girl. You're a grown ass woman lol.

    I don't think he gave up. He was probably just busy. With it being the weekend, he might have wanted to spend some time with his son after working all week and his son being in school.

    Try again tomorrow or next week. Or ask him when he would be available to hang out. Something like that. Don't give up just because he turned you down once.

    • I know lol.

      I might try again later! But the thing that is making me think that he might have given up is the fact that he told me that I should look for someone nice.

      That threw me off.

      I replied to that I hope so as well. But in the mean time the offer is still there.

      Then the texts continued as he explained the situation I wrote up above.

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    • Oh believe me I will and I said that to him. That I hoped I would. I just wouldn't mind some fun with him in the mean time, when he is not busy in-between that if that makes sense and I hope he got that, with what I was trying to say.

      Glad I explained things better there!

    • Just gotta not have the eggs all in one basket so to speak and keep my options open during this time.

  • Maybe he's not that attracted to you or he feels bad somehow.

  • Either he's not interested or he can't find the time.

  • It's a big myth that guys never say no to sex. I've turned it down even from girls I was quite attracted to. Sometimes I have too much going on in my life and in my mind to want to bother with sex.


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  • I think he is honest with you that he clearly does not have the time and energy for you. Men are not multi Taskers