I thought I should leave yet I don't wanna leave but I should leave anyway ,huh ,shouldn't I?

I know the title is bit weird or very weird

anyway moving to the important part

my boyfriend and I have been together for a year

he has been so distant lately ,using exams as an excuse

I've declared before that spending weeks without talking is not cool

although I understand how busy he is (how busy he says he is) a message won't kill him ,would it?

his exams ended a couple of days ago but he still hasn't shown up

it's so irritating ,I'm always the one asking to talk ,he's never there

so I can't date other guys bec. I'm dating him ,but I don't feel like I'm dating ,you get the point ,right?

I tried breaking up with him before but he just says oh I skipped work to talk ,I love you and pooof my mind stops working and all the decisions I've made just vanish

I love him so much but I'm sick of this

what do you guys think ,should I just leave him ?

p.s:I don't know why won't he show up ,I don't think he's cheating on me at least I hope he isn't ,and I'm not planning to have him followed or wear black and follow him myself ,to know why he just disappears


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  • When you say disappear, I assume you mean he doesn't initiate contact, nor does he respond to yours? Before you give up completely, it's worth making some effort to get things on the right track. An example of how to engage him and let him know how serious the problem is would be to tell him "I'm trying to think of reasons why I shouldn't leave you and I need to hear those reasons from you." One rather bold step is to show up at his door. Hopefully he'll be alone. You should have a plan for what brought you there. For example, drag him off to a romantic dinner and use it as an opportunity to reconnect. Maybe seeing you will shake loose some of whatever is holding him back.


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