Why would he stare at me several times after he said he's leaving me?

The boyfriend and I are going through a rough time...a miscarriage. He came home from work early he claimed to be with me. I don't believe it. He was mad cause I wasn't home when he was. He got mad I didn't say hi when I got home cause he was on the phone. We had huge argument. He says I blame misccariage and him (I never ever did), says he never loved anyone asmuch as me but I treat him like shit and am miserable and he's leaving end of month. Then after this he stares at me for quite awhile and after I went to bed he texts me "im tired of being treated like shit, I'm not selfish, I'm done". Why is he just staring at me...if he's done and leaving then why still text me?

No my heart is so heavy from losing a baby I have nothing to give anyone right now


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  • You guys had a fight, because you didn't say "hi" to him while he was on the phone?


    Reading through this about his behavior tells me he's a manipulative prick. I'm sorry to say this, but it looks like he's trying to weasel his way out of the relationship as a victim. He can't cope with what has happened and is trying to place ALL the blame on you, so he can shield himself from the emotional pain.

    That is, if he actually cared about what happened.

    A loving partner would be coddling their girlfriend 24/7, since a miscarriage can be so traumatizing. I'm sorry, but he sounds like a selfish douche.


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  • Well,everyone is painting him as a bad guy,but to play devils advocate,MAYBE he is going through a rough time like you are...if that was his child. One thing I do know is that people process grief differently. Some people stifle themselves,some drink,some do drugs and some LASH OUT ON THEIR LOVED ONES because they have trouble communicating. I'm assuming you guys got other stuff going on as well,and the unfortunate miscarriage and your grief and his grief is adding to it. So now...theres a FIRE.

    I think that is why he was looking at you because maybe he doesn't want to spew harmful words,but that is him expressing his grief because he doesn't know how to communicate it any other way.

  • Waiting for some sort of meaningful response from you. Did you give him one?

    • No my heart is so heavy from losing my baby I have nothing to give anyone right now.

    • He knows that.