Where do I stand with her? Does she like me?

oK, lst semester there was this cute girl who I liked a lot super cute and she seemed really chill, didn't talk that much unless I spoke to her, and she sat next to me in class now there was a time I thought she liked based of her body languge but I wasn't really sure cuase she would never talk to me first. and when she sees out of class she says " Hey Stranger" a month roles by and the next semester starts in college and I Haven't seen her since December and its now February but we follow each other on twitter and instagram. but when I bumped into her on campus she spoke to me first and called me a stranger again as I was heading to class, she told me she missed me which was shocking and I gave her a hug and was on my way. on twitter I told her I had to requiant myself with her since she keeps calling me a stranger. she laughed and I told her on twitter were gonna get some chitpolte since I knew she loved this place but take in mind we never hug outside of class before. I'm really nervous and excited at the same time. do you guys thing there's a chance she interested in dating me. I know she said yes to lunch but it could be just a friendly thing? I'm not sure hahha Haven't been on a date since prom I'm 21 she is 19


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  • It sounds like the little 'Hey stranger' is a kind of fun thing she has going on to start a conversation up with you. Getting lunch definitely has the potential of a date- try and read the atmosphere and her body language when you get there.

    • is there anything specific I should look out for that could show that she has any interest in me like the way she dresses? I have like no real experience in dating haha never had a girlfriend or anything

    • Touching- like reaching across the table to touch your hand or shoulder is a good sign. Dressing nicer than usual, less casual but not obviously done up... Possibly a little more make up than usual. Showing more than polite interest in what you're talking about, and asking questions about yourself.

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