Why is he doing this?

Ok so there's this guy I met few months back we aren't dating officially or anything but we text and chat on the phone. He's always sending me pics of him and his family of any event or gathering he's at (he's single, he sends pics of him with parents, nephews & nieces, siblings or friends etc) and also if he's out somewhere eating he will send a pic of the food he's having. No matter how busy he is he always has the time to at least message me everyday. He flirts with me at times but mostly its a fun friendship maybe having the potential into developing into something more. 4 days ago we had a teensy little argument while IMing, he was at this hotel in another city for work he started off with sending his pic in the hotel room & a plate of welcome snacks in his room, then he teased me a little on my looks & so I playfully retorted back. He said hey miss fugly, and something something and then afterward he mentioned the word ugly again, so I said "you're a dick". He got offended by that and said that I shouldn't spoil the friendship we have etc blah blah, so we both apologised, him first. He msgd me again the next day and apologised for over reacting & everything was cool but afterward he completely started ignoring me. I msgd him and he just gave one word answers and said he's watching a movie, so I got a hint he didn't wanna chat, he even msgs me during his meetings so just a movie would be doubtful. But anyway I get it he needs space but what gives? We both apologised and moved on that little episode, he didn't message me for the past 2 days. I don't wanna seem desperate but its kinda driving me crazy. We use whatsapp messenger (like Viber) so it always shows that the message has been read and when was the last time that person was online). He's been coming online everyday, infact he's online like every half hourish but he doesn't message me. I don't wanna message because last time I did he coldly brushed me off. Why do guys do this? is he doing this on purpose? I can't directly confront him on this Because we arn't in any relationship as such, but we are (or at least were) such good friends that he always used to say that " you're a bestie I should have met way earlier on in life" or playful things like "you're my little monkey" "I'm officially declaring you my female bestie" etc.Is he doing this to play hard to get? Please help you guys!


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  • Honestly, and this is me speaking from experience.. this type of relationship is the most dangerous kind.

    From reading this, it seems that you cannot go a day without contact from this person and that is abnormal, I know firsthand. I had a male friend who I got so attached too. When he wouldn't message me, or when he'd give one word responses, I'd drive myself crazy, sometimes asking myself the same questions that you're asking.

    I think deep down, you're assuming he's playing hard to get because maybe you're feeling more and your expecting this friendship to go somewhere. That's okay. Thing is, if that's the case, then you need to be honest with yourself sooner than later cause if more times passes, you will be in a terrible situation that you'll end up having to walk away from.

    I had to walk away from mine and I was left with so much regret and I wasted so much time when I could have said something sooner, I could have possibly gotten what I wanted.

    He is definitely sending you mixed signals with all the picture messages. My friend did the same thing to me. He'd call all the time and send pictures and ask for advice on everything. I really felt that things were going somewhere, but in reality he was just being friendly.

    I thought it was so weird, that men don't act this way, but after reading this, I realized that maybe it isn't so abnormal, maybe there are more guys like this out there.. and as women, we just have to be cautious as to who we open up too.

    Do yourself a favor, don't sit there and ponder... get answers. Call him up and be honest.