Should I try to text him back?

Last time I texted him was Friday night...just saying "hey" and he didn't reply. It's been two days :/ and I feel like something is wrong he usually replies to all my texts :/

Would it be clingy to tell him I miss him?
I wanted to originally wait until tomorrow to text him, but I couldn't wait lol. So I texted him earlier and he texted back for a few minutes, then stopped.

So I guess we're OK since he didn't ignore me today?


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  • Well to me hey seems kinda boring and where can you go with hey hey back hey what's up? sounds lame. I hate it when girls message me with hey it shows to me they have little interest. Putting no effort into the text. How about saying hey (name) what are you doing tomorrow wanna hangout or like hey I just got this new movie wanna come watch it, Hey I really like this.. do you like this too.. Ask something or tell him something he can respond to. Use a hook kinda like hey I went to the movies last night, would you like to go next Tuesday. Then he can respond with oh what did you see or yeah I'd love to go see ... movie with you next Tuesday. its a date. Get what I'm trying to say here?

    Hopefully that helps.


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  • i would text him one more time a simple "hey" (if you haven't tried again since Friday). if he doesn't respond to that, then he is ignoring you. best believe when a man wants to keep in contact of talk to you he will. when he doesn't he'll make excuses like "i was busy" which is what I'm sure he'll say when he finally does get back to you

  • He could be busy or something could have happened? But maybe wait another day or so and then text him again. But then if he keeps ignoring you then you don't wanna annoy him, maybe it would be better off?