Is it wrong for me to be jealous of my sisters?

Both my younger and older sister have always been really lucky with guys. Guys have always been attracted to them, even when we were younger and no one thought about anything besides friendship. They've both been in relationships, been asked out, all that. My older sister is now married, and my younger sister has been with her boyfriend for almost a year. My older sister had a date to prom, and my younger sister is going this year, and easily found a date. (Her boyfriend can't go - he's out of high school and some other odd rule the school said.)

I still haven't been a date, or been in a relationship. I didn't have a prom date last year either; no one attempted to ask me, and the guy I eventually asked told her he would get back to me, and he never did. He avoided me whenever we passed each other in school.

I try to be happy for them, but it sucks completely when I think about it, and sometimes I get upset and sad. I talked to my mom about it and now she thinks I'm bitter. Is it wrong for me to feel how I do?


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  • You can feel whatever you want. It's part of being human. Brothers and sisters have killed each other for all kinds of reasons. However you're blaming your sisters for something that they have no control over. Trust when I say that as long as you're female, you will always have male attention. Men are naturally very attracted to the feminine energy of females. Perhaps you need to accentuate your feminine qualities more.

    On a side note. If your sole aim in life is to get a boyfriend then I have bad news for you. But I wish you luck.


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  • Being the oldest, never had a boyfriend, I thought I have a chance with a guy did but it didn't work but it seems that my only and youngest sister has greater chances than I but I cannot have jealous feelings towards her because my time will come. As my mom would put, fate has better plans for you with or without a man in your life