If you flake on a date after meeting online, should I give you a 2nd chance?

Ok girls,

I know meeting someone on POF or Tinder or whatever is still a little weird, although like everyone is doing it. SO, if you developed great chemistry with someone (me) and we exchanged numbers and planned a date, and you cancelled last minute (a few hours before)... obviously you're nervous. I find it hard to believe you really had to rush your mother to the hospital or just remembered you had to go to a party.

My question is - does that mean you changed your mind for sure, or you're just nervous that time and want to see if I'll still talk to you and ask you out again?

I normally just delete the number if a girl flakes once, but maybe I'm flushing good opportunities down the toilet...


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  • Sorry I'm not a girl. But I do work in an office with abut 50 women. We always joke I'm just one of the girls. I'm not sure if that really counts though. LOL!

    Everyone deserves a second chance.

    Was her excuse dis-honest? You can't say for sure. You don't know her well enough.

    She knows your intentions. Don't just abandon her. But let her make the next move. Let her arrange the next date. If she contacts you, great. If she doesn't...it's like deleting the number without the work. LOL! You've lost nothing.



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  • I would move on. I've done on line dating before and a guy cancelled on me a few hours before as well. It basically means that they are NOT into you enough to keep a commitment. It also means that they found someone or something else they are more interested in. Therefore...only deal with people that treat you as you would treat them...period. Good luck.

  • Give her another chance, I got so nervous meeting my current partner that I cancelled on him half an hour before meeting him (awful I know). He made it clear I had one more chance and I'm glad he did

    • I guess I could have been more aware of that. I'll keep that in mind from now on. Thanks for being honest!

      Out of curiosity, what excuse did you give him 30 minutes before, how did you tell him, and did he seem mad/annoyed?

    • I used the old relative in hospital excuse, so obvious I know! The thing is I had met guys from online before with not an ounce of nerves but this guy was so different to them, he was very honest and straight to the point. I sent him a text then felt so awful about it that I didn't speak to him for a couple of weeks through guilt, he didn't pressure me again just kept the chat going in a friendly way until it was ME who asked to see him! By the way that was months ago and we're still together now

  • yeah, ...maybe flushing good opportunities . flaking once would be forgivable. life is so busy and topsy-turvy these days that one flake up is not impossible. but if she/he flakes twice or three times I would toss her info


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