Everything seemed great then she became distant a few days ago...?

I met this girl about a month ago and took her out on a few dates to dinner and we seemed to hit it off great. We always enjoyed each others company, cute texting back and forth and I we even cuddled and watched a movie together. Well early last week after I dropped her off at home we kissed and I left for the night and from there things changed. She just kind of seemed distant a little at first. Then yesterday morning we were texting and I told her I'd rather be cuddling with her than heading to the gym and she replied saying she didn't really like cuddling much to which I replied "lol well now I know." She apologized and said she shouldve been more up front about it. Well later throughout the day she still seemed distant and that night she said she was gonna relax and do homework when I had asked what she had planned and I told her I wanted to come see her but had a feeling that maybe we were moving fast to which she replied saying she had felt the same for the past few days... So why not say something? At first she would even say she missed seeing me a few times and now she is distant. I decided to just stop all the cute text which is hard cause I'm a very affectionate person and straight forward about my feelings. I just don't know what to do. If I should just keep being me or just continue to stay back and short in text or if I should just stop texting and let her make a move. At this point I'm under the impression there's either somebody else or she is just scared... Either way it is irritating just feeling left in the dark


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  • yeah I would stop texting her for sure and probably start dating other girls.