Attractive traits girls look for or like in guys?

What are some traits in a guy that attract girls the most. I'm trying to get back to dating. I got out of a three year relationship a year ago and its about time I start back at it. ( I'm not obese, but being a lineman in football and throwing shot put and hammer through hish school has made me a bigger dude, been dieting for 3 months and have dropped 30 pounds) Being a naturally big guy I'm known to be the funny one. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I'm a volunteer fireman and ambulance corps member. I'm always the go to guy for my friwnds girlfriends to talk to and I'm always labeled as their favorite friend for their boyfriend. But that's it... its been 4 years since I was out flirting and dating other girls. And to tell ya the truth, I need some advise to get off the ground again. Three years ago when I started dating my ex I was getting good at it. But I've forgotten haha.


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  • Productive, smart, communicates well, thinks about many things (interesting conversations), likes to try new things, isn't afraid of daunting reading material for inspiration, etc.

    Above all? PLAYFUL.

    Girls like to be respected and protected like your sister, but lusted after like a stripper. Communicate both sentiments every day, and your (future) girlfriend will love you.

    You sound like a fantastic guy! Really down to earth, nice, and solid. BUT to date effectively (and to keep your girlfriends happy and satisfied in the long term) you can never STOP letting yourself play the flirting game. Flirt with your girlfriend like you're picking her up for the first time, even if you've been going out for 10 years.

    The magic key to dating is not some magic formula...except this: repetition. Just like getting good at math, the key is not to read the books a million times, highlight, observe someone else solve the problem, etc. The key is to just go out and talk to as many girls as you can.

    Start with "less attractive" girls that you'd only be interested in being friends with. Chat them up, flirt, focus on listening to them, and building fascinating conversations with them. Practice doing this. Just go and introduce yourself to those lonely girls hiding in corners that don't necessarily look all that gorgeous, but make it clear that they're not used to getting much attention. Spend half an hour to flirt, get to know them, and just enjoy the conversation. Think to yourself, "I am making this girl's day a little more fun". Flirting is a way to improve moods of people all around you!

    Don't think of it as a means to an end, so much as a way to help other people have a more exciting day. Don't worry about what you'll get out of it. Just sit back and try to give your best shot at giving another person the gift of a fabulously stimulating conversation. NOTHING boosts a girl's confidence like an unexpected gesture of interest from the opposite sex. Even if she thinks you were just lost or overestimated her (which is very often the case), she will feel much more attractive, empowered, and will proceed in her life with more enthusiasm.

    As a volunteer firefighter, clearly you feel that helping people is it's own reward. THINK OF FLIRTING AS A SERVICE TO HUMANITY.

    When you do this, you will come across as laid back, but genuine. You will give people better conversations. They will feel like you understand them. They will feel attracted to you, because of the way you made them feel about themselves.

    And THAT my friend, is the key to dating effectively :)

    • I didn't quite conclude sorry! Having girl friends is a great asset, because you will better interpret girl behavior and be able to ask your girl friends questions. Girls LOVE helping guy friends with girl problems haha. Just start with making girl friends, and then use these same convo tricks on girls you WANT to date. It will ease you in, so that talking to someone you find attractive doesn't make you nervous or awkward anymore. It's a way to polish yourself and your skills without changing YOU.

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  • Honestly, the only thing that I really look for is an AMAZ-BALLZ personality.

    I like when the guy is:


    Family oriented




    ans outgoing/adventurous

    Look wise, I thought I had a type BUT, my last boyfriend changed it completely. :D

  • Wow, I'm def impressed! It seems like you have all the right qualities. I love a man who can make me laugh, A volunteer shows selflessness which tells a girl you care about others and are wiling to put your life at risk without thinking twice. Your a big teddy bear and a girl can feel safe with you. Girlfriends find you to be an adequate friend to their boyfriends which shows that your respectful and not a bad influence. Plus firefighter/ambulance corp fantasies! I can tell you like a bit of danger /adventure...don't ever stop being that way. Life gets boring sometimes and we love a spontaneous man. No matter if it's zip lining in the Puerto Rican rainforest or doing some karaoke on a whim. Just Do It is the motto. Good luck and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Your awesomeness comes natural :) call me lol jk

  • It depends on the type of girl you want, because each girl is attracted to different positive qualities. For example, I'm attracted to smart guys, because I value intelligence and education. I also like guys who are homely in some way-- i.e. They cook well, love to be around children, or want to start their own family one day. This is because I'd want my serious relationship to go somewhere down that line. I like funny, nice, and sweet guys. I like guys who I can be myself around...He doesn't have to be a perfect ten or above average in looks. The men I've liked in the past were never cute upon first impressions. But they grew on me and became really handsome...

    ...But guys don't seem to like me. :( I'm so very lonely.


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