This guy has me so confused!

About a week and a half ago, a guy I used to go to school with gave me his number. We're fb friends and I commented on one of his posts. He and I have/had similar views and he liked my comment. This lead to him giving me his number via messege with the comment that I should text him some time, and he included a winky face. Once I texted him, we would have little convos here and there with a little flirting. For several days he texted me good morning and even asked how I was feeling (wasn't feeling well one night). At one point he texted me 3 times in one day. Then all of a sudden, no more texts from him. Sure, if I do text him he'll answer, and he still likes stuff on fb that I post or comment. But at this point I'm just confused. I want to get to know him more and actually hang out, but I don't want to seem desperate or clingy. I'm just confused. Does he have any intrest in me at all or does he just see me as a friend? And how should I go from here? Do I just not text him again till he texts me or text him first everyother day (and if so, how do I start a texting convo that won't go dull quickly)?


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  • I would venture to say he is interested and was likely somewhat interested when you were in school. When you started texting he sent a message first thing in mornings meaning his first thoughts that day where of you. He showed concern when you weren't feeling well. He was showing his interest in you. He was likely searching to see if you had interest in him, expecting you to show concern for him. Ask about his day or how he is feeling. If you are seriously interested you should let him know. Tell him that you felt he was interested and you would like to pursue a friendship and get to know him. He could have started out for this and figured you were not that interested so he was not going to push it. My advice to any relationship is to be upfront and honest. Tell them your feelings and never assume what they think. Build the trusting best friends that turns into relationships based on each asking the questions and truthfully answering leaving no assumptions. What if he came right out and said he wanted to get to know you instead of all the texts. How is he to know for sure you want to get to know him if you just text about common interests? Be upfront and tell him your feelings. Ask him to do the same. This takes the guess work out of the picture and you both are clear as to the others thinking. Then you each know where you stand together. Together, the main thing in a relationship. Good Luck!


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  • I think it's a good sign that he's interested in you at least as a friend by giving you his number and suggesting you text him. The only thing is with trying to understand his feelings via text is that you can't possibly gauge what tone it's meant in and sometimes I forget to reply to my boyfriend or friends' texts for days because I might have been busy and thought I'd reply later on.

    With this one, I'd say to know for sure you should ask him to meet up with you in person one day, go for a walk or lunch and see what he's like in person. I think that would answer your question more because after not having seen him for so long you don't know if he's a shy guy/a playa/just wants to be friends?

    You definitely won't seem desperate if you ask him out for a coffee or lunch for a catch-up because that's not something associated with dates so if you meet up and you don't get the date vibe from him, you've not lost anything and you haven't told him you like him! win-win!

    As for convo starters, why not have a look at the groups/other things he's liked on FB and if there's something you equally like and know about slip that into convo?

    Best of luck!

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