Is she flirting or just being normal and friendly ?

Ive known this girl for about a year now but we never really talked. And she recently messaged me and we stared talking, a while into the convo we both found out about each other being bi and she started telling me how pretty I am and we had one of those little "arguments" about who is prettier and she uses the emoji of two girls holding hands and is always sending me hearts. But she could also just be being friendly. We've never texted before so I don't know how she texts other people. So how do I know if she's flirting or not?


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  • Well, it sure seems like it, doesn't it? Once you two confirmed you were both bi, the complexion of the convo and subtext all changed, right? As it became more flirtatious and it seems like she was putting it out there a little to see if you would do something to reciprocate her interest in you. As you say, she stopped just short of be too obvious, but maybe just protecting herself in case you weren't interested in taking it any further. You can keep up this flirtation for a while or if you are actually interested in pursuing it, suggest getting together (like a date!), and see how she responds. Then you'll know for sure. Good Luck!


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  • Aww ;) I think she might be fliring a little.. hard to say. KEEP TEXTING HER AND FIND OUT!