Why did he text instead of using Facebook?

There's this guy I work with at school. We are grad students. I have developed a crush on him. He's friendly but quiet just like I am. It is my impression that we have grown closer in the sense that we have been interacting more ever since last month. We will often like and/or comment on each others' Facebook statuses. I also like to post funny pictures and funny memes on instagram and he will often be among the first to like them or comment on them. Whenever we're at work and we're both free, we'll often have conversations. He usually comes into whatever room I'm in if I'm not with someone and/or busy & talk to me. Most recently, when he arrived at work, he greeted me with this big smile on his face (which he has never done before) and I didn't know why. I kind of assumed that it was his way of reminding me of an inside joke that we developed on Instagram a couple of days prior, on a day when we were both off from work. Last night, he posted a Facebook status saying that he didn't know how to confront one of his housemates/roommates in terms of asking her to stop being so disturbingly loud with everything she does, without being rude. Some girl commented on his status offering him advice. I commented on it saying "Poor guy (emoji sad face)" because he has told me about this roommate multiple times. Not too long after that, I got a text message from him saying that he had been serious about confronting his roommate if she didn't bring her noise level down before the game he wanted to watch was on. I responded back asking if she had toned it down & he explained that she had but that she had done some really weird things. I responded back letting him know that I don't know how he can be so patient when I can barely deal with my noisy neighbors at time (which I told him about before). The conversation ended there. He never replied back. However, I found this a bit weird and unusual seeing as how we never text. If we communicate outside of work, it's always through Facebook or instagram. I couldn't help but wonder why he decided to text me instead of responding to my comment directly on Facebook, especially since he has a Facebook app on his phone. Any ideas as to why he texted me instead?


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  • Maybe he texted you instead because he didn't want others on his friends list to see you guys go back and forth. I think texting is quicker then messaging on Facebook.Also I feel texting is more personal and intimate in a way. Because the message is directly to you and maybe that is the way he wanted to keep it. But it does seem he values you as a friend and maybe even more then a friend.


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