Would it be a good idea to date a friend?

me and my guy friend have been friends for 10 years. we dated back in my freshman year, but didn't last long, only a day. it was a mutual breakup. now that I'm older and blah blah id like to get back with him. but scared of losing our friendship


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  • Why don't you talk to him about what happened last time and see what he says? He might be thinking the same things as you?

    • he does. like when were not near my dad we kiss. and were all like lovey dovey. so I'm guessing I don't have to worry about anything, but there is still a doubt lingering in my head

    • I wouldn't worry about it, from my experience, I'd say it's better to date someone you're really good friends with (as long as you do really like them that way) because your relationship goes deeper and you already know each other well enough to know if you're suited or not and you can feel comfortable with that person :) what's making you doubt it?

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