Is it worth it giving it a chance?

He's a good friend, we've known each other for three years. We went on our first date last week and I'm trying to take it slow but I did end up sleeping in his bed after we got drunk on my birthday (nothing happened other than kisses and cuddles).

He's probably the sweetest guy I've met. He's honest with me. He's nervous and wants to make a good impression. He makes me both shy/nervous as well as free to be myself around him. He regularly compliments me and makes me laugh.

So the downside, he's moving halfway round the world in 5 months. I know I shouldn't focus on it, it's about as long as most of my previous relationships lasted. I know I don't want a long distance relationship and I'm 90% sure he doesn't either.

I'm falling for him. I told myself to take it slow but I am thinking about him a lot. I only text him a couple of times a day but I can't help but want him. What would you do?


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  • What does he want with you? He knows where he's going to go but does he want you in his life forever? You ARE young therefore I would be a bit are both quite young.

    • I asked him this question before we decided to try dating. He said he doesn't know what his end goal is but that he'll regret not at least giving us a shot when we can. I've been in relationships basically the whole time I've known him and yes I'd had a crush on him but I just never thought anything would ever happen. We are both pretty young but I think we've both experienced enough.

    • Ha. If he doesn't know then you'll be swaying with the wind for a while, honey. Guys know what they want...whether it be just sex for the time being or marriage as an end goal. He's saying he wants to give you two a try, when HE knows you already, and probably gets sex out of it. I wouldn't touch this man with a barge pole! He's gone in a few months, if things don't work out, at least he gets sex...sad but true. Don't like this player...