I'm not into online dating. Halp!

theres a girl I met in online dating app Lovoo.

well. we chat now from 3 days on and she looks cute and is funny.

the counterpart is that she told me today her past.

and that's what I excepted, girls in online dating are crazy. well we didn't even hang out together now. I'm just asking cause I am scared and the fact that I know how bad she had it till now, still. ai feel like talking to a wonderful person but the fact is I can't stop thinking about what she said. It would feel gross dumping her and I think I should treat her like a normal person. now how can I forget that she told me her Cons before hanging out


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  • Maybe you should just hang out and see how it goes. I wouldn't say you two are 'dating' yet and you should probably set that straight with her before anything. If it still doesn't work out you should just tell her and she shouldn't take it too bad since it's just 'hanging out'. :)


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