How men text girls they like

I hear that men just are not texters and its normal for them to not text you super often after a couple weeks or a couple dates because they just naturally don't text and it's nothing to worry over. On the other hand I always hear that men will text you and talk to you if they are interested. I have always believed the later... If a guy likes a girl he will think about her and text her...

so clear this up if you can lol


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  • This is probably not the answer you want to hear, but as always, it depends solely on the personality of the guy. Yes, a guy who is interested in you will try to converse with you more (especially if he's already comfortable with you). But, as you mentioned, some guys just naturally don't text. Texting frequency is not a good gauge of his interest. It would be best to use other measurements, such as perceived interest in spending time with you or how much an effort he makes to talk to you compared to other people.


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