How much should I text her?

We talked a lot almost all day. She then said we don't need to talk every second. What should I do.

She tells me she wants to hang and see me again. How do I know if she is interested? Every time I go out and don't text her she comes up to me.
Should I wait until she texts me or should I text her?


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  • She seems as if she is pulling away.

    I would message her every 3 days and leave her to initiate

    a majority of the contact.

    Her response doesn't seem as if she is 100% interested in you.

    That her she is turned off by the fact that she sees no need

    for you to communicate so frequently when you aren't even in a relationship.

    Pull back a little bit...and allow her to pull in.

  • That means you guys are talking wayyyyy too much. I would pull back and try every two days and see what happens. I also don't find it necessary to talk A LOT every single day. I have no idea how long you guys have been seeing each other,but just know that everyone is different. Some people like a lot of contact,some don't. Just cut it back a bit...

    • If she says she wants to see you again,obviously she is interested.

    • You're seriously over thinking everything. Reread my response,there's your answer. Good luck.

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