I kissed him. Now what?!

We are friends and I have a strong feeling he likes me but is too scared and too shy. He even tells me that he thinks I'm too smart.Whenever we get together we talk and have fun. He is very caring and remembers things I've said before. But he never tried a thing. So I decided to do smt. When we got together I came closer, huged him and kissed him. He seemed happy. But then again-he didn't tryanything in the end of the evening. I could understand if he likes me but is just shy. But- what should I do if that is the case? And how can I say if he likes me? Have to add that he is the son of a professor I really do admire and I wouldn't like to mess things up.


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  • What do you want out of the relationship? If he's too timid to get physical, then you might end up unhappy.

    I'd say give it another shot. If you're flirting and making yourself available, and he doesn't make a move, then you simply might not be his type. He also might have a girlfriend already, or he might prefer the company of men.

    • Well.. The point is- we don't flirt. We just get along very very extremely well. There is no time to flirt since we just shoot sentences in a very fast and smart way. And that is what makes him special- the ability to understand my jokes and thoughts. Many other guys are just too slow. He doesn't have a Girlfriend and about liking men- I can't know that. but he doesn't seem gay...

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  • Ask him out and see how it goes

    • Well... we are going out. We hang out. Go to the movies and cups of coffee...

    • maybe after one of your "dates" or what I should call it, try ending it with a goodbye kiss. Just give him a hug and then lean in for a kiss

  • If you thinks he's too shy to make a move, and you want to make a move.. make a move. If he likes you back like you think he does, things will probably move forward. If he's not into you, then he'll probably back off or just flat out tell you he just wants to be friends.

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