Why is it that many women ditch guys on dates that they met on dating sites and don't show up?

I have read online of other cases in which everything was going well online between the woman and the man and they agreed to set up a time to meet up at a place.When they guy shows up at the place waiting for her a long time she doesn't show up without ever letting him know and deletes her account on the dating website without ever letting him know.This happened to me as well like 5 times.There have been times when the woman showed up but most of the time she didn't.The most recent happened today.I am 22 and this girl is 24.This girl and I were talking about online and she told me how only girls like bad boys but women like nice guys but yet she is being a bitch to me since she ditched me on the date without ever letting me know.Wth?Many of the girls seem nice but they turn out to be the complete opposite.Do they like playing games online with guys?

Correction to what I said before.This one woman who ditched me today actually blocked me on Facebook today.She didn't delete her account.I know cause I had my best friend check her profile to see if she actually deleted her account and her account showed up when he looked her up.I met her on a dating website and we talked there and she wanted to continue talking on Facebook since she is on there more.She blocked me for no reason. She is who wanted to hang out.She broke up with her boyfriend in October.


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  • Honestly I've tried the online thing, and I do show up to meet the guys if I say I'm going to meet up with them, but only after I've thoroughly gotten to know them because there are a lot of creeps and catfish out there. But I don't know if you gave her enough time to really get to know you, she may have gotten cold feet and was embarrassed so she blocked you. Maybe she met someone else, perhaps even that day and didn't have the courage to tell you. The fact that you had a friend check and see if she actually deleted her account is a little bit creepy to me. Whether she was just being a b!tch or not, she blocked you and for that you should have just let it go. I understand that you are hurt, and please don't think I'm sounding mean, I'm just speaking from my experiences... Girls can be catty like that though, they do stand people up, as do guys. You may have had just some bad luck with this girl, let it go and move on, it's not like you guys were committed to each other. Everyone gets stood up every now and again. And yes, some girls just turn to online to play games... to get compliments, see that they are desirable, I don't know why, but some do.

    • Wouldn't you agree with me that she was a bitch since she ditched me?Also,she was one the ones who suggested hanging out with me.Just saying.So don't say anything about me not giving her time to get to know me and even if that was not the case she should of been honest and me told me at least some excuse like she can't make it or something the night before.It is messed up for her to not say anything when we had things planned.Also,other girls have done this to me,not just to me but other guys.

    • @The question asker: I'm not saying she wasn't being a b!tch. Like I said it could have just been cold feet, and if she blocked you she's clearly not someone you need in your life. Girls do stuff like this, as do guys.It is messed up, I'm not saying it's not, but whether it's someone you meet in real life or online, people get stood up, played with, and manipulated. She should have said something, but she didn't.I wouldn't linger on it because she does sound like a B!tch for pulling that move.

    • Oh OK sorry for misunderstanding what you were saying.Yeah you are right she is not worth it.I stopped thinking about what she did earlier today.

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  • I don't know just the mentality of some of the girls on those sites , I have been giving it a try but haven't had any official dates yet but been through a couple weird experiences already where girls don't reply to messages and one blocked me for like no reason other than I wanted to talk to her .

    if your having trouble getting them to show up for dates , maybe make sure your picking a place they feel comfortable with and would go to anyways so there not making a special trip . like maybe near where they work or something convenient to them so they don't have to go out of there way , don't expect them to travel an hour across the city make it easy for them

    • I am dude.I had them set up a public place where there is a lot of people.Also,why can't these women be honest and say they don't want to show up instead of leading the guys on from the beginning telling them''I am OK with hanging this day and time.'' but not showing up without them telling them anything,etc.

  • They like the attention, but were never interested in the guy to start with, and they are likely sexist, and feel that hurting men, make them feel powerful and in control.