Why is it so hard to find a nice girl

for ages I have wanted a girlfriend. But I'm not willing to settle for anyone, I'm not the type of guy to date someone for the sake of it as it will never workout long term and people will get hurt. All I want is a girl who doesn't play games and who I can get on with and have fun, but for the life of me I can find her. were do all the nice girls hide?


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  • It all depends where you are looking for the "nice girl." There are girls that go out to a party on a Friday night and just want a good time, who are actually nice girls. There are girls that will be at the movies with their best friends on a Friday night, who are nice girls. It isn't limited to where you're looking but who you are looking for. The girls who have a lot of confidence and come on to you may not be who you are looking for. Go out of your way and find the girls that aren't the center of attention. Now I'm not saying find a girl with no confidence, but look for the ones that you'd be okay bringing home and meeting your parents. They do exist I promise. Whether that's in the library studying, at the coffee shop reading a book, or hell at the gym busting a sweat. You want a girl who is living her life and isn't entirely focused on finding her next hookup or boyfriend but trying to better her life, academically, socially, philosophically, etc. etc. And honestly the best relationships happen by accident. Don't go out looking for love, you're more likely to be disappointed. Go out looking for a girl who could become a best friend. Sorry if that was a lot of babbling.


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  • its weird the nice girls sort of mature into party girls once there old enough to drink , I've seen that happen around here before . girl seems nice and looks like girlfriend material until she like gets into the party scene and suddenly isn't looking for anything serious anymore

    however if your determined to find a so called nice girl , maybe try the college library ? gym , you know some place where more toned down girls go to relax

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