Has anyone experianced this situation before?

Ive been on 5 dates with a guy who doesn't live in my town. The only time I get to meet him is when he comes in town for work reasons.

He is probably the first guy I've datet who has treated me amazing, and he shows up, he replys, he is nice and caring. Last time I met him was on Valentine's day and he spendt the night at my place and it was great, the next day he told me via text what a wonderful time he had with me , but unfortunatly we didn't have time to meet more this weekend because of his work and he had plans to visit his family. But since Saturday he hasn't contacted me so I am a bit worried... on Friday while laying in his arms after sex he told me he liked me , and how it sucks that we had such little time together. He has been in a 6 years realtionship before me which ended last year, and he has big plans for himself for the summer, applyed school out of the country and in my town.

So basically after our time together on Friday I freaked out, I like him a lot but I felt like I was losing myself and what I wanted and my goals and I was obsessing with him and was becoming needy so now I'm taking a step back and I havnt contacted him since Saturday or snapped him or anything and he hasn't done the same..

Why hasn't he contacted me ? and what should I do..im afraid of getting to close and getting hurt ..


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  • Before you get anymore involved you have to see whether you are his "convenience" or if he actual wants to pursue something with you.

    He may like and respect you, but not be at the time or place in his life where he is ready to involve himself in a relationship once again.

    If this important discussion continues to be avoided it can lead to the things you listed such as: getting too close and hurt.

    I advise you to have a heart to heart talk with him.

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