When a guy kiss a girl on the cheek?

I've got a couple of guy buddies I love to bits. I'm closer to one of them and have been having feelings for him for quite a while.The guys are bestfriends. Last night we went for dinner and drinks... lots of drinks. I was pretty tipsy. Three of us started taking photos with each other and the one I'm closer to sent us the pictures this morning. I noticed there were a few pictures of him kissing my cheek, others of him hugging me. There are pics of me kissing his cheek too. lol. Well, I like him so obviously in my drunken state, I did what I always wanted to do, kiss him... but I was still pretty aware of myself which is why I only kissed his cheek.. Hehe. Does a playful kiss on the cheek mean anything for guys?


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  • Well, kissing cheeks is the level before kissing lips... Maybe he's too afraid to ruin the friendship with kissing you, so he went for the cheek. It's more innocent and doesn't mean as much, even grannys kiss their grandchildren on the cheek.

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