Is space good for this particular situation?

I decided to give the guy I've been seeing some space for him not me. I feel him growing distant from me latley. I don't know why or what I did(even if it's about me) he just says he's doing it cause he's busy, but I feel there's more to the story.

I think it's better to give him space than to be in this situation hurting from his actions. I'm not giving up on him just yet I refuse to. And hopefully when I return into his life things will be better and if they're not then I'll give up on him :/

So please pray for me! I honestly want this more than anything.


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  • I wouldn't leave his life completely. I would just let him come to you. And, when he does, don't show him that you are being affected by his actions. Seem happy and cheerful. Confident, and independent. He will come around.