What does spooning mean to guys?

Do you spoon with any girls to have sex? Or will they do it with girls that they are sexually attracted or girls they like?


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  • Huh, when I meet my girl they are going to need a crowbar to pry us apart.

    For now I spoon with my dogs XD

    When I have her in my arms, holding her body close to mine, I want her to feel safe. I want to smell the scent of her hair, her skin, her clothes, and kiss her softly, on her neck.

    No, not to initiate sex. Just to be near her. To feel her body close to mine. Yeah, I am a guy, I will probably get an erection. But it doesn't mean I automatically want to have sex.

    I just want to be close to her. To feel her heart, and her soul, close to mine. But most of all, to feel our souls at peace with one another. I want to close my eyes, and slowly drift away, holding her, comforting her, protecting her.


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  • not with every girl. just the girl which we have connection with

  • I like spooning with girls that I'm physically attracted too. I don't care if it leads to sex. It's nice to be able to hold the girl that you like close to your own body. Sure, my dick is on her ass, but most of the time, that's the last thing on my mind with spooning. Especially since I usually spoon after sex. It's comfortable. Both physically and emotionally.


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