If a guy is interested in you, can he still be "too busy" to text?

Theres this guy I have a crush on. We used to be in the same class. He showed plenty of signs he was interested in me, and ALWAYS made an effort to talk to me in real life.

Now we're in a new semester and I barely see him. I got his number after talking online. I deleted MSN and he was worried if I deleted it because I was mad at him or something for not replying for more than 3 days. I told him no and gave him my number

When we chat texting/online, we always sent each other long paragraphs, videos, photos, links, etc.

But the problem is that now recently he takes like 1-3 days to text back. This has happened 3 times actually. He often takes hours to reply but that's understandable since he has things to do, his life does not revolve around me. But if your interested in someone, wouldn't you try to get back to them in at least within 24 hours?

I'm not texting him if he doesn't text me that's for sure. I'm going to try to talk to him in real life but thatll be a challenge since we have different schedules.

But what's your thoughts?

By the way he was the one who didn't reply for more than 3 days on MSN, not me. Sorry if I'm confusing you guys
Thanks everyone. He turned out to have a girlfriend. It also happened he dumped her for me because he thought i'd say yes to being his friends with benefits for a year so he can ask out another girl at the end of the year. What a loser.


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  • Considering how much of a PITA it is to text (I find it easier to pick up the phone and just call) I'd say so. I think texting is a way of telling someone that what you have to say is of very low priority and can wait until you have free time.


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  • Do you have a boyfriend? And does he have a girlfriend? If you two are single I recommend that you ask him out, if he rejects then you can still be good friends. and sometimes I go off to do things and I forgot my phone and I realize that my girlfriend texted me, this could be the issue. Another issue could be that you tow a rent dating so he might not feel it's necessary to text you back as soon as he gets it.

  • I agree with weapon on the opinion that I see that text is seen more as something that can be replied back too at any time, and if you need to talk to the person and need an instant response, you should call them.


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