Why is she taking ages to respond to my texts?


-I asked her out in person

-She said yes

-Two days later I text her to confirm place and time

-She takes two days to reply, and says she can't make that day anymore (tbf, I know she had a good reason), can I make another night? She then adds, "should we invite some friends to join is too".

- I make it clear I wanted to spend time with just her, but said it can be a group thing if she's rather.

- Just over two days later (53 hours), I still have no reply.

Bit confused. Why is this? Is she nervous? She is a bit shy.

If it helps, she's 18 (nearly 19) and I'm 22.


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  • Well she probably took 2 days since it took you 2 days... Maybe she wants a group thing to be safe since she hardly knows you

    • It's been 3 days now and no reply though.

      We know each other already. Not super close, but we are comfortable around each other.

    • Ohhh I thought she was someone who you just me...ya she's not too interested

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  • She's a teen girl. Who knows maybe its a scheduling issue, money issue, she feels safer taking her gfs. Why are you texting? Why haven't you just called her and set everything up? Texting is so immature in this case...and your 22 date someone 21 and older to eliminate all this childish behavior. She might not be 18 maybe she's under age ever thought about that?

    • I set it up all in person, all that needed confirming was the exact time and place (we already agreed on bowling, it was literally to confirm which one we were going to).

      I sent her a simple text, that needed a simple reply.

      There's no rule that says you have to date +1/-1 of your age.

      I always thought id date someone my age, but it's just the way it worked out.

      And she is 100% 18, nearly 19.

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  • You're not confused, Guy. You know exactly what's going on but you refuse to acknowledge it.

    She's not into you. Her taking two friggin days to confirm should have been your hint...no, etched in stone answer. Rule of thumb: if a woman is interested she will ALWAYS RESPOND promptly and will give you suggestions.

    I just explained Occam's Razor to a another guy that posted on here... look it up. Also, I suggest you boost your confidence a little bit. None of us here needs to know exactly how many HOURS it's been since you texted her with no reply, Christ! Get a hobby brother. Buy an old motorcycle and start working on it.

    • Well I thought I'd be detailed!

      I guess maybe I'm partly in denial, but I'm more confused if anything.

      She said yes. She was keen, she was smiling, she said she's looking forward to it, on the same day she liked a picture I uploaded on Facebook, she commented on a video I shared and said "love this! Xxxxx'

      The mixed signals are just so confusing.

      She is shy, she's only been in the country for 4 months.

      Maybe it will be good to chat in person with her about it.

    • You didn't look up Occam's Razor like I told you to, did you?

      Fine dude, here's the definition: The simplest explanation is probably the correct one.

      AND she's a foreign girl? You're fucking up dude. Not because she's foreign but if she's Japanese then that means you are completely misreading the situation and you don't even know it.