Should I take the chance again of secretly makinout with him?

I really like this guy, lots of girls do actually but he is not that much into me. But I had once made out with him at my home when my parents were out. 20 days later I was caught when they accidently read my chat with him. Should I again take the chance of making out with him? He keeps asking me?


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  • If you care about your pride, I would say not to. If you want to be labeled "easy" go for it.

    I know that is socially unacceptable, but it's the truth. Guys IRL will just look at you as easy if you do. He's hoping to get in your pants the next time.

    • I know he is, he even said so. But no one knows about all this, no friend. Only my mom knows I had once met him secretly but she is not sure what we did.

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    • actually thanks to you :)

    • Anytime. :)

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  • if that's what you want and you are OK with it then sure make out with him. if you want more (like a relationship) then I'd suggest kind of making that the goal and not just allowing it to be a physical relationship.

    but if making out with him is your ultimate goal then sure make out with him

  • ''He keeps asking'' and you want to be submissive. Girl care about your pride.


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