Is it worth trying or should I let it go?

I have talked to this guy on and off for a couple of years. Things just never seemed to fall in place with us, until recently. We've been talking for a couple weeks and went out on a date that went well. I'm a single mom, and he knows this and said he was completely fine with it. That being said I can be a difficult person to hang out with, and again he said he understood.

Well, he has been asking to see me again and I haven't been able to and it seems as if he lost interest, I didn't hear from him at all yesterday and he was online on twitter and instagram. I really like him and wanted to see him this weekend, and I really don't know if he has lost interest. Should I text him or call him to talk about it, or just let it go.


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  • If he asked you repeatedly and you declined for whatever reason, chances are he thinks you lost interest. Since the offer to go out was already made, I don't see any harm in telling him that some time has freed up and asking if he still wants to go out. The worst that can happen is that he turns you down which is no different then letting it go.

    • It seems that he's over trying to hang out because I can't all the time, which I can't say I really blame him. I think I'm going to try to see if he'll want to go out this weekend, and if he turns me down at least I know I tried.

    • I think that's all you can do.

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