Texting me for break up advice?

I went on a date with this awesome guy. We hit it off and the date lasted 8 hours. We talked about everything and both were very open about things. We never had a quiet moment. We laughed tons and asked tons of questions. I honestly can say it was the greatest date ever. We texted a few times and he told me he started a relationship with another girl that he went on a date with a week before me. I was disappointed but respected that answer. It has been a month and still get random texts from him. Its never sexual or perverted but he found out I am dating someone and today told me he is not happy with his girlfriend, she is a great person but there is something is missing. He asked my thought on it. We are in our late 30's and only met that one day...why is he still texting and asking my opinion?


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  • He is indecisive. He sees something that sets a spark off in his heart with one girl, then forgets about her and recalls the spark you set off... It is a sign of a man who does not know what he wants. He is chasing emotions, and that's never good for a lasting, committed relationship. One day he may find the "Spark" in a random woman when he is married to you.

    He needs to mature.


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