Going out alone with this guy?

So a friend of mine decided to introduce me to one of her male friends, we've been going out as a group for a couple of times and we have texted for as couple of weeks, today he called me and we talked a bit about random things. The thing is, I'm really shy and never had a boyfriend, and this guy looks like he has a lot of experience and he is 5 years older than me. So he never suggested going out alone with me, always with the group so can anyone help me figure out if he is really interested or not? Or if he is just coming to my town to hang out with the group cause I know he liked our mutual friend at one point, now she has a boyfriend.


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  • He might be just as shy as you are. Trust me, even if he seems extroverted and experienced hecould still be shy. Usually when guys do act like that it's cause they are shy. He probably wants to keep going out in a group, so he can get to know you more in a less pressured way. Cause going out one on one on a date is always stressful, cause you are so afraid to do or say the wrong thing, and you're trying to impress the person you're with etc. So going out in a group setting is always better cause you can just be relaxed about everything and let everything flow. Trust me he wouldn't call you of he wasn't interested. He likes you, but I can tell he's being shy about it. I would talk to him more and get to know him more, and see what happens. I'm pretty sure he'll make a move sometime :) good luck sweetie! Hope everything works out! :)