Is she bored with me already?

Now sure how to start this story... I met her through one of my best friends 3 years ago at a party. I thought she was gorgeous, and funny and really smart. But I never got a chance to make a move on her because she was dating someone. I saw her once in a while but never really hung out with her.

She broke up with the guy she was dating a couple of months ago and we started hanging out. She would invite me to coffee and I spent couple of night at her house and we cuddled and watched movies but that's it. A week or so ago, she texted me around midnight and asked me if I can drive her home because she had a few drinks with her friends. I drove her home that night and she wanted to cuddle again and then out of nowhere, she kissed me. It caught me way off guard. I told her she was drunk and that we shouldn't be doing this. We talked the next morning and she said she wanted to keep seeing me and that we should tell my best friend because they are close friends as well. (He didn't take it too well but he's been alright past few days)

We've been spending more time together and we've gone on couple of dates. We held hands and kissed before the date ended. But all of a sudden she seems to be distant or not as interested. I don't know if I did something wrong or she's changing her mind about seeing me. Any ideas?


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  • no no don't worry! oh my your story is so romantic,

    but maybe you are getting confused, I mean she is just taking time but don't take it as bad

    it could be that she is just busy or something minimal

    you will be just fine!

    i just want to know if you get to be couple

    • You're right. I talked to my best friend and he said that she doesn't get close to people too fast. So I'm just going to be patient and hope everything will work out. I get to see her tomorrow and I can't remember the last time I was this excited to wake up in the morning (I know it's sappy for a guy to be this way) but whatever. I will update on how this all turns out :)

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    • It happens i guess. I'm glad she told me. I still think she's an amazing girl and I wish I got a shot but she could've handled it better. I'm sure I'll get my chance (probably with someone else). Cheers

    • Cheers, don't give up. Life is a game of give and take. Am sure someone around u feels something for u u just got to watch carefully

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