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I've been seeing this guy for two months. In the beginning, it was he who initiated our first date and so forth. He would always text me, saying how beautiful I was and so forth. Mind you, I didn't start liking this guy after 3 weeks of seeing each other - he was always the on in constant worry that I was going to dump him. But I didn't, I grew to like him - and I spent the night at his place one weekend where he asked to if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I said yes, I mean he was so happy the next morning to call me "his girl". Than a week went by, we were suppose to meet up on a Thursday but he called it off because he was busy - so I went out with some of my girlfriends that night, where he continued to text me to come over and spend the night - but I couldn't because of the distant. So the next night, he wanted to see me and told me that he felt I didn't want to be close with him - so I went and met up with him. I was drunk, we had sex, and I didn't hear from him until that Monday after I sent him an angry text. He didn't respond until the Saturday of that week - apologizing for the delay in response & for leaving me confused and asked if I wanted to talk. So I let him wait for a day and texted him back, to meet me at a certain place so we can talk - but he couldn't and asked if he can call later that day. Well, of course I said yes. Obviously I couldn't wait so I texted him how I really felt about him, about me doing my part to continue on or rather "fight" for this relationship - and I haven't heard from him since, 4 days later.

I have come into terms that he most likely won't call or text me. Which is fine, it happens, its life, and you move on. What I don't understand is why hasn't he given me any sort of closure? I won't mind the rejection, I was hoping we can still be friends - but it doesn't look like that will happen.

So men, what do you think? Do men actually "break up" with a girl by not saying it officially?



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  • I don't know what his deal is. And I can tell you that I have no idea if men actually break up with people by just dropping out of contact. But I can tell you from experience that plenty of girls seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to break up with a guy without saying anything. Some just think that if they ignore us that we'll get the hint. I had one Girlfriend who even broke up with my by just disappearing. So yeah... I can't say that men break up with women like this. They might but I don't know. All I can tell you is that there are a f***ton of girls that do it.

    Anyway I'll tell you this too. It's a good thing you've come to terms with it. If he calls again it might be a good idea to just tell him where to go and how to get there. At this point based on your story he sounds like he's full of sh*t. So good for you for moving on. It's best to forget him.

    • Thanks for the insight. well, I'll make sure I will never do that to a guy because its pretty damn sh*tty. the whole "avoidance" move to break up with your partner is a cowardly act. your partner will obviously be hurt, but at least she/he has some clarity. this guy will always be an asshole to me for this stunt he pulled.

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    • Yes the answer was extremely helpful - although it was a bit more difficult than I expected. he actually texted me a few weeks ago, checking in on me, that practically set me off. so I did what you advised and pretty much told him to "f*** off" - not cursing, but he got the gist of it lol. thanks!

    • No problem. I'm proud of you.

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  • I used to know a guy who broke up with people like that. The guy was an a$$hole, and instead of just telling a girl he didn't want to see her, he'd just drop off the face of the planet. He wouldn't respond to any calls, texts, emails, etc.

    It's a cowardly, childish way to break up. Move on, and be glad you're done with him.

  • Yeah what is up with that? This happened to me for the first time too. I'm dumbfounded.